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Saturday, June 5, 2010 ♥
After School - Bang ( Jun,5,10 ) ♥ 2:03 AM

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Super Junior - BONAMANA ( Jun,5,10 ) ♥ 2:02 AM

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SS501 - Love Ya ( Jun,5,10 ) ♥ 2:01 AM

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SS501 - Let Me Be The One ( Jun,5,10 ) ♥ 2:00 AM

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f(x) - NU ABO Special Stage ( Jun,5,10 ) ♥ 1:59 AM

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CNBLUE - Love ( Jun,5,10 ) ♥ 1:58 AM

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MBLAQ - Y (June 5,2010) ♥ 1:57 AM

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4minute Huh (June 5,2010) ♥ 1:55 AM

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Hello guys!.Kpop Addiction is officially back!.
We'll bring you fresh Kpop news and Kpop performances!.This blog will now only focus on Kpop since i cant handle to search some updates from Jpop and C/Mpop.
Hopr you'll visit this blog more often now!.lets celebrate!


Monday, December 21, 2009 ♥
[BREAKING NEWS] Han Geng submits application to end contract with SM; rumours of him leaving Super Junior & flying solo ♥ 5:01 AM

Source: Sina, Sina, Ifeng
Translation: Sarah @ http://asianfanatics.net

According to South Korean media reports, the only Chinese member in popular group Super Junior - Han Geng today submitted a formal application to Seoul Central District Court, requesting for a termination in contract with SM management company. This has become the second bomb thrown at SM after DBSK members Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu and Micky Yoochun filed a case against SM in accordance with their contract.

Posted Image

Caption: Official court document accepting Han Geng's application

When Sina contacted SM’s Chinese representative, she expressed that she was very surprised when she heard this news, and was also extremely worried: “We’ve been trying to contact him but can’t reach him. Whenever he takes a rest, he always turns off his cellphone. We also feel extremely worried.” She added: “Yesterday, Han Geng even attended the Wireless Music Awards with the rest of SJ-M, don’t know why there’s suddenly news coming out today about terminating his contract.” She said that they must wait for confirmation from Han Geng himself before making an official statement.

Next year from the 10th of January, Super Junior will begin their very own Asia Tour. And on the 23rd of January, they will also perform in Beijing. And Han Geng being the only Chinese member in Super Junior, is seen as the group’s popularity guarantee in China. In April 2008, Han Geng also became the leader of SJ’s third sub-unit SJ-M, which was designated for the Chinese market. It seems that SM has recognised Han Geng’s importance in the Chinese market, and has hence being taking advantage of him.

Online surveys conducted in the last few hours showed that 80% of netizens feel that this is yet another attempt of SM in taking advantage of Han Geng’s influence in the Chinese market by creating fake news so to promote their Asia Tour early next year.


Kim Hyun Joong has recently been elected as casual brand BASIC HOUSE model ♥ 5:00 AM

Source: JoongAng Ilbo, and KoreaToday.com
Chinese Translation: julieann@hyunjoongchina.com
English Translation: ss501fighting.wordpress
Shared from: quainte

Active as the leader of groups SS501 as well as actor Kim Hyun Joong has recently been elected as casual brand BASIC HOUSE model.

Kim Hyun Joong was selected as the brand’s spokesperson. In the coming year he will be the voice for all activities for this brand. Brand PR pointed out that “Chosen Kim Hyun Joong for endorsement because his personal charm can easily digest the latest trend. Also, he has high popularity in different age-group. This is also consistent with our brands want to increase exposure of all ages as a strategy.

In fact, before Kim Hyun-Joong was chosen as spokesperson of the brand, Kang Dong-won, Hyun Bin, etc. also served as this brand’s model. So, in other words that this brand endorsement is like a battlefield of good-looking man.

The latest season of clothing catalog shooted by new endorsement Kim Hyun Joong will be open early next year.

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Seo In Young apologises to Crown J for being mean? ♥ 4:57 AM

Seo In Young reveals an episode where she had sent an apology message to Crown J.

Seo In Young is known to have previously played make-believe couple with Crown J on MBC We Got Married. The ‘Ant couple’ is well-loved by viewers for their special chemistry during the show, and Seo In Young has also earned herself nicknames like ‘witch’ and ’shinsang nyeo’ for her aegyo image on the show.

She revealed during an interview with T-News recently, “There was once when I coincidentally caught the rebroadcast of the show on TV. And I saw how I was on the show back then. So I sent a message to Crown J ‘Sorry for being mean’. “

She also talked about her personality, “I change my personality according to the person that I’m with. I have times when I am being a ‘witch’ and times when I am full of aegyo. But I am usually good to girls.”

Meanwhile Jewelry released their 3rd repackaged album ‘End And’ on 17th December, this will also be the last Jewelry project featuring members Seo In Young and Park JungAh. The 2 will go solo after this.

S:SportsChosun + kbites

Thursday, December 3, 2009 ♥
Watch out for new girlgroup Nia, hailed as the ‘2nd Brown Eyed Girls’ ♥ 3:07 AM

Hip hop producer singer MC HanSai (MC한새) reveals upcoming female group Nia, who are also called the ‘2nd Brown Eyed Girls’.

MC HanSai’s agency BCR Media said on the 2nd, “MC HanSai is the main producer for Nia’s new single album.”

The group gained much attention in the indie scene earlier this year in April when they released their single ‘My Everything’ and was promoting in the HongDae region. They were also called the ‘2nd Brown Eyed Girls‘.

Go under the cut to know about this group.

More about Nia:

* Leader/Drummer – Sso Ji (써지)
* Bass – Choi YeongShin (최영신)
* Vocal – Jeon SoYeon (전소연)
* Guitarist – Hwang BoNare (황보나래)

BCR Media said, “Even though the group has been misunderstood as the ’singers without a face’ they want to show their music capabilities and gain acknowledgement for that. This is similar to that of Brown Eyed Girls when they first started out.”

The group will be revealing a new title song ‘Goodbye’ with 2 versions ‘Song version’ and ‘Rap version’ on 2nd December.

Their song ‘My Everything’ released in April

source: kbites


Hero Jaejoong turned down cast offer for Iris season 2 ♥ 3:06 AM

KBS2TV drama Iris, the Iris production representative explains, “We are already planning Iris season two, filming will begin in May of next year at the earliest.”

According to the representative, they already have plans for Iris season two; they will be filming in China, Japan, Europe, and other locations.

Iris lead actor is predicted to not be able to take a part in Iris season two, due to his already scheduled Hollywood film. Aside from him, other actors have possibilities of reappearing in season two, but until now nothing have been confirmed.

Related person informed reporters: “There was a proposal of having DBSK’s Hero Jaejoong to appear in Iris season 1. Also have him appear in the first season grand finale episode 20, then in season 2 have him officially appear, but this could not happen because Jaejoong turned down the part. Now we are looking for an actor to play the part.”

credit: 一切为你J


Rain makes first visit to Indonesia ♥ 3:04 AM

Asian pop sensation Rain visited Indonesia for the first time yesterday, meeting with hundreds of reporters ahead of holding his first concert in the country, his agency said on Wednesday.

He held a press conference at the Ritz-Carlton Jakarta on Tuesday which was attended by some 200 reporters from 100 media companies, J.Tune Entertainment said in a press release.

The 27-year-old singer spoke of his upcoming concert "Legend of Rainism", taking place as part of his Asia tour, to be held at Jakarta's JITEC on December 3. He was also asked about his plans for his acting career in Hollywood and whether he is looking into taking on any new roles in TV series.

Rain, whose real name is Jung Ji-hoon, has been one of the most successful celebrities in the entertainment industry since his debut in 2002.

His singing career has gained him massive popularity throughout Asia and he also appeared in several movies and TV series -- most notably dramas "Full House" and "Sang Doo! Let's Go To School." He recently starred in a Wachowski Brothers production "Ninja Assassin", which opened worldwide last week.

Jessica Kim jesskim@asiae.co.kr
<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>



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